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Any Workspace.

Quick & Easy Installation.


Setup Workspace

Define your Building, Floors and Zones including Rooms, Workstations and Retreat Areas.


Install Gateway

Choose a good spot for the Gateway –  it is like a Wifi-Hotspot –  and connect it to your Network.


Attach Sensors

Attach the Sensors to Furniture. Tape for Desks. Lanyard for Chairs. Or just  inside a cushion. Whatever works.

Multi-Purpose Sensors

Our Sensors are lightweight, small and just feel right in the hand. They work on virtually any kind of furniture and have a battery life of 3+ years.

We do not only use them for Occupancy Analysis, but also for Asset Management and as Action Tags.

Data Integration made easy

The data is yours. We provide many access options.

Export data to Excel from Dashboards. Or push data to any major IoT platforms with existing Connectors. And for Developers, we have a fully documented API …


Privacy Guaranteed

We track Objects not People.

Due to the Technology we use, Privacy is guaranteed. Our sensors detect presence and submit encrypted data. We do not track Smartphones or Badges. It’s Anonymous by Design.


Wide Range of KPIs
Real-time Floorplans
Public Displays & Digital Signage
Mobile Dashboard
Notification System with Email or Text Messages
Periodic Reports as PDF Downloads
Interfaces to all major IoT Platforms
Full API to integrate your Solution
Privacy Guaranteed – No personal Information
Works in any Workspace
Easy and Quick Installation
Full Service Package from Project to Operations
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